The legend of Colorful Yunnan

​In the mainland China, there is a magical place since ancient times - called Yunnan. Here there was an old kingdom, with high mountains and swift torrents, magic and blurred, therefore it became a fam looking attractive and daunting.

During the Emperor of Western Han Dynasty, it is said that at the southwest there is a road leading to Hindu (India), it is very difficult to find unless you can see colorful clouds. Then, the emperor often overlooked the southwest from his palace, hoping to see the miracle. Finally, one day, the emperor saw colored clouds at the southwest horizon, he quickly sent envoys to pursue that beauty. The envoys kept chasing and chasing, tramping over mountains and ridges, and finally reached the Southwest Yi (today’s Yunnan), where they saw colorful clouds and a beautiful wonderland. Since the colorful clouds symbolize luck and peace, they therefore named the place Yunnan. There are 26 minorities, legend of Lijiang and Shangri La, as well as the culture of terrace and Naxi minority, mysterious ritual, and intangible cultural heritage of the maternal clan…Every color of the rainbow is auspicious for the minority, and the people there love to tell this story of their colorful culture and thus named themselves the hometown of colorful clouds!